Corporate Sponsorship

The HAD2GRADUATE initiative would not be possible without the help of our corporate sponsors. If your or your organization is interested in getting involved, please contact us to learn more about supporting our cause and providing job and educational opportunities for America’s youth.

We are grateful for the continued support, generosity, and genuine interest toward the communities we serve.

HAD2GRADUATE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

Walmart – We are proud to partner with Walmart locations across the country, who offer job opportunities for our program participants.

During the pandemic, Walmart donated funds for masks to be given to students and school staff members in the Little Rock area. Another of our corporate sponsors, Lamar Advertising, provided billboards around the state to promote the cause. Thanks for helping keep schools safer and get the word out about HAD2 … with your help we were able to encourage kids that they HAD2GRADUATE!

Walmart Work Program

Through Walmart, students in the HAD2 program are able to secure jobs. Students are prepared by HAD2GRADUATE for seeking and securing a job, and Walmart has partnered to allow positions for kids in need. Overall, it helps build confidence, improve their self-image, and inspires dreams for the future.