HAD2GRADUATE was founded as a way to show students a path to developing goals that leads to a future of their choosing. By finishing school and by searching for fulfilling jobs and career paths. By encouraging students to finish school, it’s our goal to create brighter futures, more settled adults, and contributing citizens to society – kids who want to do well for themselves and who are encouraged to seek more in their jobs.

All roads lead to HAD2 – we want our students to say they “HAD2GRADUATE school!”

Mission Statement

To influence today’s youth and young adults toward a positive lifestyle by increasing the graduation rate and reducing violence crime through motivational messaging and educational events.
Vision Statement

Had2GRADUATE will be the first stop, single source for creating innovated and positive teachings designed to change the course for every at risk student so that they are prepared to compete in the global economy. We want our students to be prosperous and secure the next generation of great jobs and thriving communities. We will not stop until obstacles are removed, solutions are found, and clear and compelling goals are established.

The Challenge

The youth of Arkansas – and beyond – need our help. We’re on a nationwide mission, partnering with big voices who want to help our youth. But the challenge doesn’t stop there. We need your assistance in getting them the help that they so desperately need.
In a world that is ever-increasing it’s level of fear and apathy, it is no surprise that the youth are losing their direction and their will to succeed.
Did you know that 75% of the prison population never graduated high school? We want to help provide better for our youth, and with your help, we can accomplish this growing feat.
Help kids stay in school – not because they feel forced – but because they WANT2!
Had2GRADUATE hopes to instill a message that we strive to be the best versions of ourselves, not for glory, or fame, or wealth, but because we – just like our students – HAD2.

The founder of Had2GRADUATE, Ron Watson, created the Had2 Graduate/Had2 Stop the Violence initiatives because the statistics are sad and startling:

  • High school dropouts are 72 percent more likely than graduates to be unemployed.
  • Dropouts make up about half of the heads of households on welfare.
  • 77 percent of state prison inmates who do not complete high school or earn a general equivalency diploma return to prison.

In order to most effectively reduce crime and safeguard our communities, it is necessary to take steps to prevent kids from ever becoming involved in crime in the first place. A good education is not only critical to a young person’s success in life, it is also one of the most fundamental crime prevention tools available. Kids who stay in school and graduate are more likely to become productive citizens, and less likely to turn to crime.

Arkansas’ dropout crisis not only threatens public safety, it also damages Arkansas’ economy. But it’s not just true for our founding state, these stats ring true across the entire United States. That’s why we’re advancing our nationwide approach and expanding the HAD2GRADUATE mission.

The facts remain: Dropouts earn less, pay fewer taxes, and are more likely to collect welfare and turn to crime. Alternatively, increasing graduation rates will help individuals and the overall economy.
Had2GRADUATE’s goal is to walk hand-in-hand with the community and its companies, such as yours, in creating awareness and proactively work towards increasing the graduate percentage of the U.S.’s youth, and thereby, decreasing the crime rate within our borders.